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gardensorb-logo-mediumGardenSorb can hold 1000x fold it's capacity to absorb water. GardenSorb captures and adsorbs excess moisture, thus alleviating runoff and storing it until needed by plants. GardenSorb is growth aid - completely harmless to plants, soils and animals and is environmentally safe and non-toxic. It protects plants from stress of harmfully radical moisture change. GardenSorb is used in your flower gardens, vegetable gardens, in crop fields or in containers for houseplants. GardenSorb is best for trees and lawns as it reduces watering requirements.

Turning ideas into innovative solutions and commercial success stories is the challenge industry has to face. Zaria's GardenSorb is often just what it takes. In the food packaging, medical technology or construction industries, GardenSorb helps to explore new technological applications and helps to make our customers in various industries even more successful.

GardenSorb is manufactured from partially neutralized polyacrylic acid. What makes it so special is its capacity to take up and store many times of its own weight in liquid. The secret is a crosslinked polymer particle that binds sodium ions. Osmotic pressure builds up and absorbs surrounding water into the polymer network. Water continues to be taken up until an equilibrium is reached. The properties of GardenSorb can be used to good effect in a wide range of applications and can be adapted to suit specific performance requirements.

Liquid absorption and retention capacity of GardenSorb is excellent, absorption makes it suitable for a range of applications in materials as diverse as medical dressings, fire extinguishers and the construction industry. GardenSorb´s capacity to reserve water in dry soils during prolonged periods of drought is of particular importance for the agricultural industry, especially for afforestation projects.

Benefits of GardenSorb

Increased biomass production and better root growth By adding GardenSorb to the substrate, the water retention of that substrate is significantly improved. Since the moisture is available for the plant‘s root system, the plant benefits from an optimal supply of water just as it needs it.

This improved access to a regular supply of water results in increased biomass production. Furthermore, the swelling and shrinking of the superabsorbent granules have an aerating effect on the substrate. This enhances the growth of longer and finer roots, which enable the plant to take up more nutrients.

Savings in irrigation cost

Irrigation cost can be reduced due to two effects. First, the water is absorbed quickly from the substrate, so that the loss from drainage is reduced. Second, the water loss due to evaporation is minimized. These effects mean that the irrigation frequency can be decreased and the irrigation intervals can be expanded. The water requirements of the plants are met and irrigation becomes more effective.

Increased survival rate of seedlings

Adding GardenSorb to the potting soil increases the water holding capacity of the substrate and thereby its moisture level. Constant availability of water and a steady moisture level is very crucial to the survival of seedlings in the first few weeks. GardenSorb is perfectly suitable for tree nurseries and large reforestation projects.

Excellent thickening capacity

GardenSorb can be used to thicken liquids to form a solid gel, a property that makes them ideally suited for solidifying medical waste. The viscosity is  adaptable to suit the customer´s wishes, which makes it an appreciated product by the cosmetic industry.
Swelling Capacity

GardenSorb swells upon contact with liquid. This property makes it ideal for the manufacture of cable wrap or in the construction of tunnels laid through water. Swollen GardenSorb has the capacity to retain heat or cold for prolonged periods and is useful in hot / cool packs in the packaging and healthcare industries.
Moisture management

For various applications GardenSorb solves moisture management requirements. By absorbing or releasing moisture the polymers can effectively control the ambient humidity. The particular product properties provide long-term usability.

    • In food packaging surplus liquid is absorbed without drying out the food product.
    • In cargo containers, superabsorbent materials can reduce humidity cycling.
    • GardenSorb keeps flowers fresh for longer during transport.
    • In wound care, GardenSorb absorbs oozing wound secretions and helps to maintain a moist wound environment which supports and improves the healing process.

Home & Garden

GardenSorb turns hanging baskets and window boxes into small oases - for a full and longlasting flowerage:

    • More flowers that bloom for longer
    • Flowers are more resistant to drought
    • Flowers last for longer periods without watering, reducing water consumption by aprox. 30%. Ideal for holidays!
    • Minimises excessive water run-off and evaporative losses
    • Less fertilizer leaching
    • Better transportation of nutrients in the substrate

Agriculture and horticulture

    • GardenSorb polymers as a water-retaining additive for potting soils
    • GardenSorb as a soil additive for the construction of golf courses
    • GardenSorb polymers as a soil additive for professional tree nurseries

Cost-efficient water management is of particular importance for the agricultural and horticultural industry, e.g. for tree nurseries growing high-value trees and shrubs. Waterabsorber polymers help to solve this problem as they have a high capacity to retain water in dry soils during prolonged periods of drought and make the water available to the plant roots. An optimal water supply lets the plants grow stronger and at the same time reduces the risk of drought stress. By adding GardenSorb to the potting mix, plant irrigation can be managed very efficiently.

Tree Planting & Tree Nurseries

GardenSorb delivers just the right amount of water to the root system, offsets periods of drought and improves the aeration of the soil, resulting in better overall plant development.

    • Rapid germination and a welldeveloped root system
    • Increased germination rates and higher survival rates
    • Better uptake of nutrients
    • Higher biomass production
    • Shorter growth cycles
    • Compatible with poor and problem soils in arid regions

Professional vegetable and fruit production

GardenSorb helps professional growers looking to improve their yields of high value crops like tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries.

    • Increased crop yield in professional vegetable and fruit production
    • More efficient use of fertilizer as leaching is prevented
    • Improves water-holding capacities in nursery bark chips, keeps water near the roots.
    • GardenSorb retains moisture in all soil types, including peat moss


GardenSorb provides just the right amount of water to the root system, an important feature with benefits that professionals appreciate:

    • Well-developed root system with a better uptake of nutrients and higher biomassroduction
    • Less soil compacting
    • Better water uptake
    • Reduced drought stress
    • Shorter growth cycles

Golf course construction

GardenSorb meets the highest golfing standards as a matter of course. Just apply GardenSorb in the root zone and enjoy benefits such as:

    • Rapid turf seed germination
    • Thicker, more durable turf with
    • stronger, more developed root-system
    • Better water uptake, reduced drought stress
    • Easily applied with standard equipment
    • Lower irrigation costs due to increased moisture content of the soil
    • Improved soil aeration and increased soil porosity


GardenSorb helps in reforesting and recultivating arid regions to restore their usefulness. The benefits are:

    • Improved development of the root system
    • Rapid germination and higher survival rates
    • Improved water retention in the soil
    • Reduced irrigation frequency resulting in cost savings
    • Less water loss through drainage or evaporation
    • Nutrients can be easily taken up by the plants

Waste treatment

    • Waterabsorbers for solidification of medical waste
    • Waterabsorbent polymers for fluid and odour control in cat litter
    • Waterabsorbers for efficient clean-up of aqueous fluids with spill kits

Waterabsorbent polymers can be used to form a solid gel, a property that makes them ideally suited for solidifying medical and industrial waste. By applying waterabsorbers, potential spills of infectious fluids can be prevented and the handling risk can be reduced.

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