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SCX Antiscalescx-antiscale-logo-mediumSCX Antiscale media is a very high capacity media for removing scale formation with descaling properties. SCX Antiscale is a uniform bead media specifically designed to give the highest performance and the most economical operation in water treatment industry. It has non-regenerative properties and offers lot of advantages compared to conventional water softener.

    • NO more Regeneration of the SCX ANTISCALE throughout of its operation saves,
    • NO Control Valves
    • NO Rinse / Waste Water
    • NO Backwash / Wastewater
    • NO Chemical / Salt
    • NO Sodium / Brine tank
    • NO Electrical connection

SCX ANTISCALE Media Question’s Answered

1. How does SCX ANTISCALE media function?
SCX ANTISCALE Media transforms calcium ions into calcium nano-crystals which are stable and can not attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, fixtures or heat exchange components. The nano-crystals are so small that they are easily rinsed away by the water flow.

2. What is the main difference in softening with ion exchanger units and Anti-Scale softeners?
Ion exchange resins remove Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions from water and replace these with sodium ions. Softening units require water for backwashing and common salt for regeneration (as an example: in order to regenerate 1 cubic foot of softening resin, up to 15 lbs. of salt per regeneration cycle is required). The increased sodium content in the water is a concern to many government regulators. This is a negative aspect for many consumers and there is perceived health risks, because elevated sodium content can cause cardiovascular and other health problems. Many communities are now making Ion exchange water softeners illegal.

When there is a septic tank system the warranties are often voided when sodium is discharged into the septic system. Water for backwashing and the salt ($200 to $300 per year to purchase salt) are expensive. Control heads, as required for ion exchange units, must be maintained which is an additional ongoing maintenance cost.
Within the Scale Prevention Unit (the SCX ANTISCALE Catalyst being at its core) the water hardness is transformed into firm lime crystals and not removed. The crystals are then transformed out of the solution. The crystals can not attach to pipes or appliances. There is no need for regeneration of the media bed because the SCX ANTISCALE system works like a catalyst (the media is not used up in the process). The SCX ANTISCALE Unit does not use salt and therefore does not add sodium to the water. It requires no control heads (a simple in-out up-flow valve is all that is required), no water for backwashing and no salt for regeneration. This means you have no costs for service, no costs for back flushing water, and no cost for regeneration salt.

3. Does the water filtered by the SCX ANTISCALE system work like a softener? How does it work compared to an Anon Resin softener?
The SCX ANTISCALE conditioner is not a traditional filter or softener. The SCX ANTISCALE conditioner does not trap the hardness nor does it exchange anything for the hardness like a traditional water softener. The SCX ANTISCALE water conditioning system works like a “catalyst” media in that it causes crystallization of ions on the surface of the resin bead. The inlet water flow in a SCX ANTISCALE water conditioning system is always in upward motion from the bottom up in the filter tank. The media particles in the SCX ANTISCALE system always stays in a suspended fluidization state when the water is flowing upward in the tank. The media is in constant motion and it flows from the bottom to the top of the tank. All the temporary hardness that enters the SCX ANTISCALE system is pulled out of solution and forms crystals as they attach to the media surface. They attach to the SP3 media for a short time until they become Nano crystals, sub-micron size and break free from the media and pass along with the water flow. The Nano crystals can not attach to any surface and you get the same benefits of a softener while leaving the harness in the water suspended in a Nano crystal state.

4. Can I replace a traditional water softener system with a SCX ANTISCALE water conditioner and what difference in performance should I see between the two systems?
Yes, you can remove a traditional softener and replace it with a SCX ANTISCALE conditioning system. There will be a difference with the new SCX ANTISCALE system in that the customer will not feel the slippery feeling on their skin that was experienced with the traditional softener. This is because the hardness was not removed but was crystallized. The customer will have all the other great advantages like, up to 30% less soap usage and cleaner laundry. The additional advantage is that he will not have sodium in his service water.


In Europe and now in the USA, this media is used exclusively for many domestic and commercial applications. Water softeners cause sodium toxicity in the water supply through the backwashing of the Anion Resin that is used in traditional water softeners.

This great product was developed in response to communities banning water softeners or charging an extremely high use fee for the continued use of a softener.
Our goal is to replace polluting water softeners with Anti Scale systems, thus preventing added pollution to the world’s waterways and to stop wasting large amounts of water caused from back flushing. This technology is a truly green technology. Simply the best. Call us with your questions:

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