For the best drinking water, simply filter your regular tap water using PURASUPRA and not bottled water. Distilled and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, also have the disadvantage of missing helpful minerals that improve the taste of water while contributing to our daily intake of Calcium and Magnesium in soft drinks, coffee and tea. Without these minerals water would have a very flat taste.

PURASUPRA filter, will not change the pH or alkalinity of water. Still, it will change Calcium bicarbonates, scaling material in the water, into harmless CaCO3 crystals that will not cause scale build up inside your boiler and its internal plumbing. The the water will taste good because the healthy minerals are not filtered out.

SUPRA Quick Change Cartridges:
Pura Supra filter cartridges use a very special carbon block utilizing a revolutionary scale-prevention media to protect heating elements and pipes in coffee machines, hot drink vending equipments, steamers and hot water boilers from scale build up. PuraSupra filters will reduce energy costs, downtime and expensive service calls.


With SUPRA Filter using Quick change technology there is absolutely no need to shut off the water supply, the SUPRA filter can be changed in just seconds. There is also no by pass, that means 100% filtered water.

More information on SUPRA FILTER:
• First of its kind for scale prevention.
• Highest capacity SCX-AntiScale media : No scale build up.
• Contains No phosphates, No health hazards.
• No Sodium (Na+ leakage), No Hydrogen (H+) in water.
• A revolutionary carbon block 1 or 5 microns.
• No bypass, 100% water filtration.
• Can be mounted in a cabinet, wall or off the floor.
• 48000 liters capacity* which is highest in the vending market.
• Available in 10", 20" or as Ultra-Filtration.
• No more chemicals for cleaning, no more worries.
• No BPA otherwise known as bisphenol-A, that is found in some plastic water bottles and other plastic manufactured products. BPA is very toxic to human body and a carcinogen.

PURASUPRA Filter is uniquely designed to be an all around effective filter in many applications, such as: for cold water from your refrigerator and soft drink mixers as well as hot water applications like coffeemakers, espresso machines, making tea , steam and most importantantly for mixing powder milk for babies. Out of the three filters in this family the SUPRA is best suitabla as a general purpose stand alone filter.Using the SUPRA, there will be no need to buy bottled water anymore


Model Micron Rating Filter Life 3/8" JG Length Claims
PuraSupra 110 1 3000 gallons 12000 liters 3/8" JG 10 inches

• Scale and Sediments,
• Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals,
• E-coli, giardia, and herbicides,
• Chlorine, Cysts, cryptosporidium and coli forms,
• Included that You don't want these in your tap water
• Atrazine Lead and copper

PuraSupra 120 1 6000 gallons 24000 liters 3/8" JG 20 inches
PuraSupra 510 5 3000 gallons 12000 liters 3/8" JG 10 inches
PuraSupra 520 5 12000 gallons 48000 liters 3/8" JG 20 inches





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