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PuraWassa is Titan Filter for removing Arsenic and Heavy Metal.

PURAWASSA Cartridge contains a very innovative, patented Adsorbent, based on granulated PuraWassaium Dioxide (Trade name PURAWASSASORB®) which has been developed as a long testing, high performance material and thus lowering costs associated with removing Arsenic from water. Its durability and selectivity for Arsenic, Uranium and other Heavy Metals (Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Selenium, Antimony, etc.) means that PURAWASSA Cartridge is absolutely reliable and efficient to remove these toxic contaminants for safe drinking water at home, office and restaurants at any place in the world.

PURAWASSA Quick change technology means there is absolutely no need to shut off the water supply and PURAWASSA filter can be changed in just seconds. It has no by pass, meaning it provides 100% Arsenic free filtered water.

PURAWASSA Filter Highlights:
• Removes Arsenic, Uranium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Selenium, Antimony and other Heavy Metals

Arsenic has four main chemical forms having oxidation states: -3, 0, +3 and +5, but in natural water its predominant forms are inorganic oxy-anions of trivalent Arsenite (+3) or pentavalent Arsenate (+5).
The toxicity of different arsenic species varies in the order of arsenite > arsenate > monomethylarsonate > dimethylarsinate.
Trivalent arsenic is about 60 times more toxic than arsenic in the oxidized pentavalent state, and inorganic arsenic compounds are about 100 times more toxic than organic arsenic compounds. The organic forms of arsenic are quantitatively insignificant and are found mostly in surface water or in areas severely affected by industrial pollution. The relative concentration of Arsenite and Arsenate vary widely, depending on the redox conditions present in the geological environment.

Features & Benefits:
• Affordable: The most advanced and affordable water filter available in the market.
• Simple to use: Install the Head, insert the cartridge into the filter head and rotate clockwise ¼ turn.
• Quick Payback: The Quick change PuraFilter family will replace the need of bottled water at home, office and restaurants and you will see savings immediately.
• Long Service Life: All filter are made of very high capacity adsorbents like TITANSORB®, FILTERSORB® and BAROSORB® which can remove impurities many times longer than any ion-exchange resin or Reverse Osmosis available in water treatment industry.
• High Quality: You will see the difference.



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