Pura Water Filters

pura-logo-mediumPURA is the name of a family of three Filters that are made from the highest quality of media specially formulated by our scientists to achieve the best results in water purification most efficiently. The three can be used in tandem for the highest level of purification, PURA-WASSA, or individually to address the specific water quality problems in a particular area.


Everest Alkaline Water Filter


Introducing Everest Alkaline Water Filters from Zaria Water. Featuring the best quality alkaline water filter available on the market today. Many health conscious people have been hearing about alkaline water and have already started drinking alkaline water. The Everest Alkaline Filter has countless benefits, without the negative aspects that other types of alkaline water might possess.  All you will receive is clean, pure, and antioxidant-rich high pH alkaline water that is not attained elsewhere.


FLRX Flouride Filter

flrx-logo-mediumThe Fluorex Fluoride removal system is one of the best on the market. We use a special blend of medias including bone char to achieve 100 % removal at low flow rate. Reverse Osmosis removes about 98% of fluoride and other containments. Our filter installed after the RO membrane filter housing will remove and polish out the remaining contaminates, including pesticides and medical waste. Also available without Reverse Osmosis in a counter top model.


SCX Antiscale

SCX Antiscalescx-antiscale-logo-mediumSCX Antiscale media is a very high capacity media for removing scale formation with descaling properties. SCX Antiscale is a uniform bead media specifically designed to give the highest performance and the most economical operation in water treatment industry. It has non-regenerative properties and offers lot of advantages compared to conventional water softener.



gardensorb-logo-mediumGardenSorb can hold 1000x fold it's capacity to absorb water. GardenSorb captures and adsorbs excess moisture, thus alleviating runoff and storing it until needed by plants. GardenSorb is growth aid - completely harmless to plants, soils and animals and is environmentally safe and non-toxic. It protects plants from stress of harmfully radical moisture change. GardenSorb is used in your flower gardens, vegetable gardens, in crop fields or in containers for houseplants. GardenSorb is best for trees and lawns as it reduces watering requirements.


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